Become a first class resource for State and/or Regional entities including state parties, field staff, campaigns and other similar groups. Responsibilities will vary by state but may include voter file/database management, daily tracking, training of staff and state leaders and data collection including Absentee/Early Vote data and vote history.

Job Description:

  • Individual must familiarize self with state voting laws, historic election results and trends. This includes early/absentee and Election Day turnout, voter registration and voter file.
  • Work with State Party, State Director and Campaigns to ensure a smooth transition of data in/data out on a daily basis. (When circumstances arise, create and implement specific data plans to accommodate and work with additional or above entities to ensure data in-take and mitigate data loss.)
  • Manage the daily volunteer voter contact and field staff universes and surveys including door-to-door and phone.
  • Work with the RNC Political and Strategy departments to create, implement and manage contact universes and data collection efforts.
  • Maintain tracking of daily, weekly and yearly volunteer voter contact.
  • Provide nightly reports to State Victory Director.
  • Assist in execution of tasks assigned by the National Field Director pertaining to the implementation of Voter Registration, Voter Identification, AB/EV, and GOTV programs.
  • When necessary, serve as a resource for all political technology including GOP Data Center, Door-to-Door apps and phone systems.
  • Assist State Victory Director with goals and objectives for national voter contact program as directed by the National Field Director
  • Work with State Party and State Victory director to implement a continuing education program, specifically for data platforms and volunteer contact tools.
  • Create, update and maintain “Best Practices” resource documents including database platforms, excel, scanning and office setup.
  • Create, update, and maintain step by step training documents and videos for field staff and state party leadership.
  • Maintain ongoing document of additional data platforms and technology being used throughout State entities and determine if integration between State Party, RNC and entity is achievable.
  • Assist in the distribution and set-up of all equipment for field offices.
  • Requirements/Skill Sets:

  • Past experience with data management.
  • Understanding and previous use of GOP data management platforms including Voter Vault, Data Center and similar user interface tools.
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel a must.
  • Mandatory continuing education.
  • Willingness to learn what they do not know.
  • Comprehend and implement new technologies and additional database management tools taught through RNC provided training. Examples include, but are not limited to, Data Platforms, Microsoft Access and SQL.
  • Individual must be highly motivated with ability to self-educate and solve problems outside with little initial familiarity of subject.
  • Organization, time management and ability to hit deadline on time.
  • Public speaking and ability to provide training to large groups or field staff.
  • Troubleshooting of field staff and state party data related issues.
  • Knowledge of general IT services including internet, VoIP phones, printers and computer a plus.
  • Be a team player with ability to maintain clear head in high stress situations.

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