​Following Suit: SEIU Violation Second Only to Schauer

LANSING, Mich., March 10, 2014 – Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today announced thesecond-largest campaign finance violation in Michigan’s history, attributed to the SEIU. Ironically, the violation is runner-up only to their union boss ally Mark Schauer, during his 2009 Senate campaign.

“Mark Schauer and his union boss buddies have shown their true colors with blatant disregard for Michigan’s Campaign Finance Act and the people of Michigan,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak. “While it’s bad enough gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer has no plan to lead Michigan, he also has a record of breaking the law – and so does a major union that endorsed him this year. Relationships like this are toxic for our state and will drag us back into the Lost Decade if the opportunity presents itself.”

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