Overcoming the Democrats’ Lost Decade and Protecting our Come Back!


When Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm and her administration took over in 2003, Michigan’s unemployment rate was 6.6%. Under Granholm’s watch, more 700,000 jobs left Michigan and the unemployment rate soared to 14.6%. When Republicans were asked to lead in 2011, we made Michigan the Comeback State. More than 500,000 new, private sector jobs have been created and our unemployment rate is at it’s lowest since August 2000 (3.8%).


Former Governor Granholm drove Michigan into the lost decade and could not balance a budget. Under her ‘leadership,’ she allowed two government shutdowns, skyrocketing unemployment, bloated budgets, and an increase in burdensome business regulations. When Republicans took over in 2011, we have balanced and passed 7 balanced budgets for 7 consecutive years, ahead of schedule.

Personal Income and Economy

During Democrat Governor Granholm’s two terms, the personal income of Michigan residents plummeted.  Dropping from 18th in the U.S. in 2000 to 38th in 2009. The per capita income drop was fourth worst in the country and one of the worst since the Great Depression. Since 2011, Republican leadership has increased the per capita GDP by 9.67%. Michigan’s ranking has improved to 13th highest state economy in the nation and the per capita GDP has been on a consistent climb. We have increased our population, making Michigan a great place to live, work, and raise a family again.It is clear that the leadership of the Democrat Party is not beneficial to the residents of Michigan. 

We are working to Protect the Come Back to ensure Michigan continues to excel, and the residents remain working. Join us in the fight! Become a volunteer, and/or donate today!