Stein Officially Asks for Multi-Million Dollar Recount after Receiving 1.07% of the Vote

Jill Stein Makes 1% Temper Tantrum Official

LANSING, Mich., Nov. 30, 2016 – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel blasted Green Party Candidate Jill Stein for asking for a statewide recount, which will cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars, despite only getting 1.07 percent of the presidential vote in Michigan’s November 8 election. Stein and her attorneys have acknowledged there is no evidence of fraud or impropriety, and they don’t expect the results to change.

“The filing by Jill Stein is a reckless attempt to undermine the will of Michigan voters. Jill Stein made her 1% temper tantrum official and will waste millions of Michigan taxpayers’ dollars, and has acknowledged that the recount will not change anything regarding the Presidential election,” stated McDaniel.

Yesterday, Chairman Romney McDaniel held a conference call where MRP Legal Counsel Eric Doster explained how the cost of this recount would be “eye-popping” and could top more than $12 million.

“I can’t imagine the cost could be any less for a statewide recount than a statewide election,” Eric Doster said. “And that’s a one-day event, a statewide election. This is going to go a lot longer than one day, folks.”

The Board of Canvassers certified the November 8, election results on Monday at 2:00 pm, certifying Donald J. Trump as receiving 2,279,543 votes and Jill Stein receiving 51,463. Jill Stein’s campaign waited to file a recount until the last possible hour today.

“Jill Stein has no chance of winning the Michigan election and she knows it,” McDaniel continued. “Stein also knows that there is no chance that she will flip enough votes to change the results of the election in Michigan. Shame on Jill Stein for throwing this taxpayer-funded temper tantrum, and shame on Democrats for not insisting that this ridiculous petition for a recount end immediately.”

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