Trump Campaign Files Objection to Multi-Million Dollar Taxpayer-Funded 1% Recount

LANSING, Mich., Dec. 1, 2016 – Michigan Republican Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel blasted the Stein campaign, citing the objection filed with the Board of Canvassers challenging the ridiculous petition for recount which will cost taxpayers millions of dollars but not change the outcome of the election to anything different than Donald Trump winning Michigan and Jill Stein coming in fourth place by a margin of more than 2.2 million votes.

“Jill Stein’s 1% temper tantrum cannot go unchecked,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel. “Stein is not an aggrieved candidate, she cannot possibly win, and she is putting the participation of every single Michigan voter in jeopardy, for no reason, at an exorbitant cost to the Michigan taxpayers.”

The objection, filed by attorneys representing the Michigan Republican Party and the Trump campaign, noted that Michigan law requires a candidate to be “aggrieved” to be able to file for a recount, and cites Stein cannot claim to be an aggrieved candidate as she came 4th place with only 1.07% of the vote. The objection argues that because Stein hasn’t cited an injury to redress, and she cannot possibly win, Stein is not an aggrieved candidate.

The objection also cites Michigan statute, case law, and precedence including a transcript from a November 2006 Board of Canvassers meeting where the Director of Elections, Chris Thomas, rejected on behalf of the Board of Canvassers a recount petition submitted by Green Party Candidate Lynn Meadows. Thomas reported the Board rejected the petition because, the candidate did not challenge the vote in “enough precincts to actually affect the outcome of the election.” Board of State Canvassers Hearing Transcript, November 27, 2006, pp. 1-2.

Meadows ran for Michigan Secretary of State against incumbent Terri Lynn Land in the November 2006 election. Meadows received 70,218 votes (1.89%) to Land’s 2,089,864 (56.15%) which would have required Meadows to receive an additional 2,019,646 votes in a recount. Stein’s margin to recover is larger. Stein only received 51,463 (1.07%) to Trump’s 2,279,543 (47.5%), requiring Stein to gain 2,228,080 in a recount effort.

The objection cites rulings on the aggrieved issue from other jurisdictions as well.

The objection also claims that Stein waited until “minutes before the deadline, making a recount impossible under state and federal guidelines” despite being able to file much earlier. The objection states Stein is calling for the longer hand recount to ensure a recount would not be finished by the required federal and state deadline of December 13.

The objection also states that Stein’s recount petition was not validly notarized, and therefore, is invalid. Stein’s petition was notarized in Massachusetts and left out critical requirements. Per Michigan law, the flaw in the notarization should cause the recount petition to be rejected.

The Board of Canvassers will address the complaint tomorrow at their scheduled meeting.

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