MRP Response to Federal Ruling

LANSING, Mich., Dec. 5, 2016 – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel issued the following statement regarding the federal ruling that Michigan’s recount must begin today:

“We are outraged that Jill Stein is trying to use the courts to change the outcome of the Michigan election. Michigan had a fair and legal election, and all votes were counted and certified by the Board of Canvassers. Jill Stein does not have any proof of tampering or fraud and has said she does not expect the outcome of the election to change.

“Michigan law is very clear on our statutory right to object and the timeline that follows. We are exploring every possible avenue available to us and still believe that this recount is an incredible waste of Michigan taxpayers' money. This judicial opinion throws our process into chaos when our law provides for an orderly procedure.

“We will vigorously pursue any and all options available to us to overturn this ruling and to end this recount.”

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