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When Nursing Homes and Businesses Were Desperate, Whitmer Ignored Offers for Viable PPE
Yesterday, The Detroit Newsreported on the dire situation in nursing homes across the state of Michigan – shortages of gowns,... More >
Profiteering Peters Protects His Own Paycheck
In the middle of record unemployment, Gary Peters refuses to cut his own pay despite double dipping with state pension,... More >
Peters: One Pension For Me, (N)one For You!
Profiteering Gary Peters doesn’t mind threatening other peoples’ pensions even as he collects a cool quarter million himself from the... More >
Peters Likes Press Conferences But Vanished When It Was Time To Work On China & Small Business Committees
Only 1.9% of Gary Peters’ bills become law as he holds yet another press conference today seeking to distract from... More >
Cox: DeVos Protecting All Michigan Students
The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox regarding today’s announcement by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel... More >

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