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Gary’s Little Secret: Peters Exempts Himself From Obamacare In Exclusive Deal

Once again, Gary Peters benefits from special treatment while his constituents are left out

U.S. Senator Gary Peters was recently forced to admit that he has exempted himself from following the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for his health insurance, as his constituents are forced to do. Peters did so by cashing in on yet another government-subsidized, exclusive perk as part of his State of Michigan “retirement” package. 

Gongwer News Service reported on July 14th that Peters has apparently been on a gold-standard State of Michigan Legislative Retirement System healthcare plan that is no longer available to legislators— let alone the families he serves in the U.S. Senate for many years.

Not surprisingly, Peters has never voluntarily disclosed this information during his many healthcare attacks on opponent John James.

Peters held a virtual press conference on July 14th during which he claimed he would forever protect the ACA, despite the sky-high costs being imposed on Michigan families.

During the event, Peters said, "We should open up the enrollment of the Affordable Care Act now…” What he did not volunteer is that he refuses to enroll in the ACA himself.

Meanwhile, Peters and his campaign continue to lie about the record of his opponent, John James. James favors keeping protections for pre-existing conditions in statute.

“When Gary Peters says he wants to expand enrollment for the ACA, apparently he does not want to include himself,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Gary Peters has quietly created a government-subsidized relief program that benefits exactly one person: himself.”

Peters is currently seeking a six-year extension of the Peters Relief Package, so that he can extend his government-subsidized lifestyle despite the fact that his Michigan constituents suffer.

The details of the Peters Relief Plan include:

  • Extending Peters’ six-figure government salary six more years.
  • No pay cuts for Peters, even when state residents endure record unemployment.
  • Continue to pull-down a $50,000 annual State of Michigan pension from the earlier phase of his 30-year political career.
  • Exempt himself from the Affordable Care Act and instead take subsidized State of Michigan-provided health care.
  • Extend his ability to travel the world on the government dime. Throughout his tenure in D.C., Peters has traveled in 39 countries on multiple continents, costing taxpayers $125,643.02.
  • Keep working toward tripling or quadrupling his personal wealth while in office. Congressional records show Peters has already doubled his wealth while in Washington, D.C.