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Is Whitmer’s Gamble Essential?

In the days and weeks since Governor Whitmer announced her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order, confusion has swept across the state as to what qualifies as an essential item. In her latest executive order, the governor deemed many home improvement items such as plants, seeds, paint, and flooring as non-essential. However, state sold or highly taxed items such as lottery tickets, cigarettes, and alcohol are all considered essential by the governor. These contradictions have drawn the ire of building contractors, landscapers, farmers, greenhouse owners and other small businesses who are struggling due to the governor's non-essential list.

Whitmer’s allies have even begun to turn on the her for these inconsistencies. Thursday night during his town hall, Senator and former state lottery commissioner Gary Peters admitted that the lottery was not “essential”.

“The inconsistencies in Governor Whitmer’s executive orders are glaring and created nothing but further stress and confusion for the hardworking people of our state,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “The lottery is not essential to folks, but many of the other products and services blocked by the governor are. The people of Michigan are hurting and it’s unfair for the state to profit as small businesses fail.”