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Peters False Attacks Continue During Pandemic

Today, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox called on Senator Gary Peters to demand that his allies halt the airing of several false ads that have been running on Michigan airwaves during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the ads, Michigan residents with deep ties to the Michigan Democrat Party, Gary Peters, and other progressive special interest groups make several blatantly false climes about John James and his stances on healthcare. Claims that are heightened in the publics' mind due to Michiganders continuing concerns about the ongoing pandemic. 

The five Democrat activists in the ad, all with ties to Democrat causes and Gary Peters, are Lee Anzicek, Terry Gannon, Carole Gannon, and Wally Niezguski. These individuals have all given to Democrat and liberal causes, according to FEC records. Sheron Williams, who is also in the ad, participated in a Gary Peters campaign event and is pictured with Peters at that event. 

“While Michiganders continue to suffer the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gary Peters and his allies continue to attack combat veteran John James with a false healthcare narrative built on lies,” said Cox. “If Gary Peters had any integrity, he would call for the withdrawal of those false ads immediately and stop trying to politicize this pandemic.”

This is not the first time Peters has been called into question about trying to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday, the Michigan Republican Party pointed to a Peters campaign website which was touted as a resource on COVID-19, but was actually soliciting donations for Peters' Senate campaign.