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Peters Travels The World As Half Of American Families Can’t Afford A Summer Vacation

Peters profits again, this time taking at least $125,000 of taxpayers’ money

Half of Americans could not afford to travel last year, but profiteering Gary Peters again found a way to benefit from his office by taking at least $125,000 in taxpayer-funded trips around the globe since joining Congress.

A 2019 survey by found that only half of the respondents were planning to take a summer break on their own dime. Why didn’t they plan to travel last year? Sixty-percent said they simply couldn’t afford it due to day-to-day bills and concerns about paying down debt. Even those planning to travel expected to spend an average of only $1,979. (There’s no word if Peters paid for any of his own travel escapades.)

Peters has traveled the globe as a Member of Congress in the House of Representatives and Senate. As listed in the Congressional Record, Gary Peters took trips to Asia, Europe, Central America and the Middle East.

Total cost to tax payers? $125,634.02 – enough money for one unemployed Michigan worker to receive a pandemic-maximum unemployment check for two-and-a-half years.

“Gary Peters profits like no other. If there is a way to benefit himself, Gary does it,” said Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox. “Even when he had the chance to take a symbolic pay cut while his constituents face record unemployment, Gary refused. But he never refuses a few extra taxpayer dollars while serving Michigan in the Senate.”