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Pohutsky Goes All in On Elizabeth Warren’s Radical Agenda

On Saturday, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her endorsement of State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, who had endorsed Warren in the Democrat Presidential Primary. 

Pohutsky, who is running for reelection in Michigan’s 19th House District, took great pride in the endorsement despite the out of touch agenda Sen. Warren seeks to impose on Michiganders. This isn’t the first time Rep. Pohutsky has proudly supported Warren’s radical agenda.

Pohutsky has stated that she supports eliminating employer-sponsored health insurance. In a video, the Representative said that she is “happy to stand with ‘Michigan for Single Payer’”– an organization that “fights for single payer universal healthcare in Michigan”. To go even further, Pohutsky has called for a state-funded "Medicare for All"-style program that would be paid for by "implementing a progressive, graduated income tax”.

“Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Rep. Pohutsky really comes as no surprise since she’s in lock step with the Senator’s extreme agenda that would kick countless Michiganders off their healthcare plans. Pohutsky’s backing of Warren, and vice versa, is a clear sign that constituents of Michigan’s 19th House District deserve new leadership this November.”