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Real Leaders Show Up

While Protests Rock the Nation, Gary Peters Hides.

As protests continue across the state and nation, many political leaders have taken the initiative to call for peace and understanding. On Sunday, Combat Veteran and Detroit Businessman John James joined Fox News in a compassionate plea to stop dishonoring George Floyd by senselessly destroying property. That same day Congressman Fred Upton joined peaceful demonstrators in Benton Harbor. However, Michigan, Senator Gary Peters has yet to appear in public on the issue and instead has simply released a statement.

“While peaceful protesters demand justice, and rioters have taken advantage of this tragedy, Gary Peters hides behind a statement, so he doesn’t have to face controversy in an election year,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman “Michigan needs a real leader who will fight for the people, for their constitutional rights, and for the end of violence.  Not a career politician like Gary Peters, who puts his head in the sand every time there is trouble.”