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Skip Work, Double Dip, Travel For Free: The World According To Gary Peters

Profiteering Gary Peters has had a good run in Congress. It’s been nice, for him anyway.

Peters has skipped work and traveled the world on the taxpayer dime, even as he double-dips with a state pension and federal paycheck. 

Congressional records revealed this week that Peters has profited handsomely while in Washington, D.C., taking good care of himself when he was supposed to be taking care of his constituents.

  • Peters traveled in 39 countries on multiple continents, while taxpayers footed most of the cost. Peters’ official travel cost Michigan taxpayers a cool $125,643.02.  While most Michigan families dream of even one family trip to Washington, D.C., Peters got bored there and spent a hundred-grand traveling the globe.
  • While Peters made time for 39 trips, he didn’t make time to show up for work. Peters repeatedly failed to show up for work at manufacturing committee hearings (skipped 84%) and China economic accountability hearings (skipped 89%).
  • All the while, profiteering Peters not only collected his $174,000 Senate paycheck and related benefits, he also double-dipped by collecting a state pension at the same time.

“Gary Peters profits like no other. If there is a way to benefit himself, Gary does it,” said Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox. “Even when he had the chance to take a symbolic pay cut while his constituents face record unemployment, Gary refused. But he never refuses a few extra taxpayer dollars while serving Michigan in the Senate.”