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Those Who Live in a Glass House Should Not Throw Political Bombs

First, it was falsely claiming the federal government was diverting supplies from Michigan. Then, it was failing to properly file federal disaster relief paperwork. Now, it’s blaming political rivals for protests actually caused by her confusing executive orders. Governor Whitmer’s gross incompetence continues to blanket our state at a time when we need decisive leadership the most.

Last Thursday, Governor Whitmer extended and expanded her Executive Order No. 2020-42 with great overreach, that left Michiganders and businesses completely confused of what was currently legal and illegal.

The new order created chaos, leading to two different retailers banning the sale of car seats, businesses facing unnecessary solvency, and farmers and greenhouses begging Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Agriculture for any kind of guidance.

(NBC News)

(The Federalist)


Yet, instead of simply clarifying the orders or launching a public service announcement to provide clarity and answer citizens’ questions, Whitmer and her staffers were more concerned about social media prowess and Vice Presidential fluff pieces.

The Whitmer Administration’s incompetency was then evident once more on Monday, when the state’s Unemployment Agency website crashed (yet again), as over a quarter of Michigan’s workforce is now struggling and forced to file for benefits because of the governor’s overly restrictive executive orders.



On Monday during her daily press conference, Whitmer sought to lay the blame for current criticism with the DeVos family, who she falsely claimed were “waging political attacks”. The simple truth is she cannot accept the fact the Michiganders are ready and willing to organize and speak out against her mandates that are hurting their livelihoods.

“Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing political bombs. To imply that Michiganders willing to organize and protest her policies hurting their livelihoods are only doing so because of political motivations, is ridiculous.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman.  Cox continued, “We are all trying to work through these difficult times but pointing the finger at others for your own failures is wholly inappropriate and not what leadership looks like. I hope the governor will refocus on doing what’s best for Michigan, instead of continuing to audition for the Veepstakes.”