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Whitmer Administration Failed Nursing Home Residents

Today, in shocking testimony given to a special Michigan Senate Committee, Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon revealed that at least 23% of Michigan’s COVID-19 fatalities were nursing home residents. Even more shocking, is the fact that the figure given will likely grow due to 13% of the state’s nursing home facilities failing to report.

In recent weeks, the Whitmer administration has come under fire for its underreporting of nursing home figures as well as its treatment of nursing home residents. Until May 20, infected residents were moved into nursing homes with non-infected residents who were highly susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. As Deadline Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff said in a recent article, “The most vulnerable among us are being hauled around like laundry bags in the midst of a pandemic.”

“While Governor Whitmer plays politics all over national television, her administration is tragically failing the state’s most vulnerable citizens,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “While she has tried to deflect blame, it is clear that her decision to have COVID-19 positive seniors recover in nursing homes with vulnerable non-infected residents had devastating consequences. I applaud the Michigan Senate for trying to get to the bottom of this tragedy.”