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Whitmer, Democrats Put Power Grab Before Michiganders

Today, the Michigan House and Senate voted on a series of bills with protections for price gouging, relaxing regulations for hospitals to set up field and testing sites, and orders that helped schools and education. Additionally, they voted on curbing Governor Whitmer’s executive powers.

House and Senate Democrats, however, stood in solidarity with Governor Whitmer, voting against the additional aid for Michiganders – in an effort to preserve her executive powers. The governor has also vowed to veto the legislation.

“This is yet another show of politics from Governor Whitmer and her caucus. Every step of the way, this administration has been dead set on using this pandemic as a political platform, and today was nothing new.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “I commend GOP Leadership for continuing to forge ahead in reopening our state and helping the Michiganders who need it most. The hardworking people of our state see through Governor Whitmer’s games, and they are truly tired of it.”