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Whitmer: No Motorized Boats, But We’ll Still Vote.

Whitmer, Benson Proceed with May Elections 

The coronavirus outbreak has made us rethink many actions in our daily lives to protect ourselves, the ones we love and our friends and neighbors. This morning, it was announced that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was still seeking workers to process absentee ballots for the May election – a move that has the ability to yield dangerous results. 

A majority of election day workers, who are often elderly and retired, are at a higher risk of experiencing the worst of this virus, and Secretary of State Benson wants to continue to move forward regardless.

State Senator Ruth Johnson (a former Secretary of State herself), implored Benson not to proceed with the election stating, “We are the new hotspot for this pandemic in the country. These elections should have been postponed until the worst passes and we can give our clerks time to better prepare." 

At a time when it is considered “unsafe” for Michiganders to purchase home improvement materials and travel from one residence to another, how is it “safe” for Michigan election workers to needlessly expose themselves to the virus?

“I am very thankful for Senator Johnson’s leadership on this issue. While we are in a challenging time of working to protect each other, it’s important that we don’t spread this virus.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “With another election scheduled just months away, there is no reason that the upcoming May ballot issues cannot be decided at that time in order to keep our local election workers safe.”