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Whitmer Using Democrat Data Firm to Make COVID-19 Calls

Today, MIRS and the Detroit Free Press reported the shocking revelation that the Whitmer Administration is using a deeply partisan Democrat data firm as the platform for COVID-19 contact tracing calls being placed by volunteers across Michigan. The calls are being made using a platform produced by NGP VAN, the largest provider of Democrat data and technology services in thecountry. Right here in Michigan, their clients include the Michigan Democratic Party and many left-wing labor unions.

“Awarding the contract for such a critically important project to an openly partisan political firm raises major questions about Governor Whitmer’s ethics and her priorities,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “In addition to the fact that a partisan company should not be handling a public health crisis, the Michigan Republican Party is extremely concerned with how this data will be used. The fact that there is now the possibility that it will be utilized for partisan ends is deeply troubling. This is yet another example of the governor’s reckless leadership during a pandemic while abusing her power for political gain.”

Below are training slides from the presentation: