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Are State Employees Stealing from Unemployed?

State Currently Investigating Corruption Within Unemployment System 

The other day, WDIV Detroitreported on the shocking revelation that the State of Michigan has launched an investigation into state employees at the Unemployment Insurance Agency. They were allegedly using their positions to solicit bribes from unemployed Michiganders.  The employees are also accused of stealing and using their knowledge of the state’s unemployment system to benefit themselves.  

The investigation comes after the Whitmer administration has received devastating criticism of its handling of the state’s unemployment crisis, with many Michiganders still waiting on unemployment benefits now four months after the COVID-19 crisis began. 

“The need for this investigation is yet another example of Governor Whitmer’s mismanagement of the state’s unemployment system,” said Laura Cox, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued, “It is clear that Governor Whitmer lacks the executive ability to run the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) without oversight. Governor Whitmer needs to turn over all information about this investigation and the continuing issues that the UIA faces to the State Legislature’s Joint Oversight Committee immediately so that the people of Michigan can get to the bottom of this catastrophe.”