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As Whitmer Deems Re-Opening Michigan’s Economy Reckless, State Proceeds with May Elections

In recent days, Governor Whitmer has rebuked Republican attempts to safely and strategically reopen the economy while allowing Michigan’s May elections to remain in place. Whitmer herself has said that Michigan is “not out of the woods yet” for COVID-19, yet today countless Michiganders and Election Day workers could be exposed to the virus, even though the issues being voted on could simply be placed on the August ballot.

“Today’s election easily could have been postponed and rolled into our August election, instead of risking the health of Michigan election workers,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “It’s quite clear that Whitmer’s executive order only applies when it benefits her agenda. This is a great disservice to the health and well-being of the election workers who perform a critical service to our democracy.”