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Audit Shows Whitmer Failures In COVID Response

LANSING, Mich., January 26, 2021 – This morning, The Detroit Free Press highlighted that a report by Auditor General Doug Ringler revealed that the state of Michigan had no oversight or controls when purchasing vital supplies of PPE, and other items to battle the COVID-19 virus.

The report says that Governor Whitmer’s administration “allowed state employees to share state credit cards and wired tens of millions of dollars to suppliers before the requested goods were received.”  Furthermore, they “did not have comprehensive emergency procurement policies and procedures in place prior to the COVID-19 emergency, resulting in increased risks for fraud, waste, and loss of funds.”. In addition, a report released by MIRS today revealed that the state was scammed out of nearly $25,000 when attempting to purchase PPE equipment.

“Governor Whitmer has time and again refused calls for transparency in her administration and this new report showing the disaster that is her COVID-19 response explains why.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “In light of these new revelations, I am continuing my call for Governor Whitmer to immediately sign an executive order, subjecting her administration to the Freedom of Information Act, so that the people of Michigan can know the truth of what her administration has done during this pandemic.”