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Ballot Drop Boxes Left Unlocked In Lansing

Video evidence has surfaced repeatedly over the last month showing a ballot drop box in Lansing left unlocked, with ballots inside


LANSING, Mich., October 7, 2020 — Throughout this election cycle, President Trump has decried the lack of security in our election system. Over the last month, video evidence has been obtained showing gross negligence in the City of Lansing and its handling of ballots, confirming President Trump’s claims.


In one video taken two weeks ago, an individual walks up to an unlocked ballot drop box outside the Foster Community Center in Lansing and opens it, with an envelope inside for the taking. Shockingly, yesterday the same ballot drop box was filmed being opened by an election worker, who then struggled to close and secure it.


“I am outraged at the complete negligence shown by the Lansing City Clerk’s office and Jocelyn Benson. This is evidence that our election system has potentially been compromised.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “I am calling on Secretary Benson to launch a full investigation into this incident, to determine if any ballots were stolen or tampered with, and to ensure this never happens again. I stand with President Trump in his fight for the free, fair election Michiganders, and all Americans, deserve.”