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Biden Pushes Radical Plan To Eliminate Oil Industry

In another pivot to the far left, Joe Biden claimed in last night’s debate that he would eliminate America’s oil industry by phasing it out


LANSING, Mich., October 23, 2020 – Under the Trump administration, America has finally become energy independent after relying on other countries to supply our nation’s oil for years. That progress is now at risk after Joe Biden revealed his radical left agenda for America’s oil industry last night.


In last night’s debate, Joe Biden claimed that he would “transition” away from fossil fuels, eliminating them from use. According to Forbes, his commitment to eliminating America’s oil industry “was met with heavy pushback not only from Republicans…but vulnerable Democrats as well.” Biden’s plan could also eliminate 182,000 jobs in Michigan, which are reliant on the oil and natural gas industry.


“This is as cut and dry as anything can be in politics - Joe Biden wants to eliminate America’s oil industry, which could destroy tens of thousands of jobs in Michigan, and skyrocket energy costs for all Americans.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Last night, Biden let slip his radical left agenda, which he has been hiding because he knows that the American people won’t stand for it. From banning oil and fracking to packing the courts, Joe Biden is too extreme to be President.”