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Biden Recruits El-Sayed To Assist with Socialized Agenda

This morning, it was announced that Abdul El-Sayed was recruited by Joe Biden to a Sanders-Biden unity taskforce, to develop policy recommendations for the presumptive presidential nominee and the DNC.

El-Sayed is best known for his progressive, democrat-socialist policy positions on climate change, the economy, education, health care and immigration. Abdul El-Sayed, a 2018 gubernatorial candidate in the Democrat primary, has been an outspoken advocate for Medicare for All and will advise Biden on healthcare. In the past, El-Sayed has campaigned with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Medicare for All.

“If anyone needed any more proof of how radical Biden has become – he has now recruited avowed socialists to guide his campaign and policy decisions.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “From the Green New Deal that would decimate Michigan’s economy, or Medicare for All that would kick millions of Michiganders off their employer provided healthcare plans, Biden’s socialized policies are far too toxic for Michigan.”