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Biden Teases SCOTUS Scheme

Joe Biden continues to leave the door open for a radical court-packing plan


LANSING, Mich., October 26, 2020 – Once considered a radical taboo, Joe Biden continues to leave the door open to a liberal takeover of the United States Supreme Court by adding seats. Despite the Supreme Court being fixed at nine justices for over 150 years, Democrats want to add seats onto the Supreme Court and fill them with left wing justices, destabilizing our justice system. This is a power play that Biden has not ruled out.


In fact, Biden has actually signaled his support for the idea, saying, “it depends how it turns out” with the Barrett nomination, and late last week, he announced his plan to form a commission that would “go well beyond [court] packing.”


“For 150 years, nine has been the magic number on our Supreme Court. While that number was good enough for every President from Grant to Trump, the fact that Biden has made it clear it’s not good enough for him is telling,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “The simple fact is the Democrats have not gotten their way under the rules, and now they want to change the rules. This is yet another reason why we must reelect President Trump next Tuesday.”