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Bloomberg’s Out of Touch Agenda

Ahead of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s visit to Michigan today, please consider the following from the Michigan Republican Party on behalf of Chairman Laura Cox:

Bloomberg’s Out of Touch Agenda:

  • Backed a radical gun control group, with the objective of “promoting confiscation of guns”
  • Made the city of New York a cautionary tale with its “nanny state” policies of banning large sodas.
  • Claimed poor people paying more in taxes is a “good thing”.
  • Proposed a vague economic plan that pushes for a $15-dollar minimum wage 

Michigan’s Economic Boom Under President Trump:

  • 85,100 jobs have been added to the Great Lakes State since the president was elected.
  • In 2018 the Michigan economy grew by 2.5%. One of the single best years we’ve seen in almost a decade
  • Over 243,600 Michiganders have come off food stamps under the Trump Administration.
  • Thanks to the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the average tax cut in Michigan was $1,437.
    • On top of that, 288 communities were designated as Opportunity Zones as an effect the tax cuts legislation.
  • President Trump just recently signed the USMCA and negotiated a Phase One trade deal with China keeping even more promises he made on the campaign trail.

“While Michael Bloomberg thinks he can buy the state of Michigan in this election, it does not negate the fact that his policies are purely out-of-touch with the people and priorities of our state.”, said Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “The hardworking people of Michigan will reject Bloomberg’s candidacy through and through, because they know they have an ally in President Trump and his pro-growth policies.”