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Bloomberg Touts that He Bought Michigan Seats

LANSING, Mich., February 26, 2020 – During last night’s South Carolina Democrat Presidential Primary Debate, billionaire Mike Bloomberg touted that Democrats owe their 2018 U.S. House victory to the massive spending he provided to left-wing candidates. In Bloomberg’s own words he “bought” the seats. Two of the seats Bloomberg “bought” were right here in Michigan. 

According to Bloomberg, Representatives Haley Stevens and Elissa Slotkin owe their seats to the nearly $5 million in support they received from him. Earlier in the month Stevens, who received $2.2 million from Bloomberg, rewarded the billionaire by endorsing him for president. Meanwhile Slotkin, who received $2.4 million from Bloomberg, is staying true to her typical form of ducking controversial issues and has announced that she does not plan to endorse anyone in Michigan’s upcoming primary.

“Last night, Michael Bloomberg admitted to the worst kept secret in politics… the Democrats he helped get elected in 2018 are bought and paid for.” said Laura Cox, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued, “It’s time for Congresswomen Slotkin and Stevens to stand up for themselves and show they are not the puppets of a gun-grabbing billionaire who wants to control everything from our healthcare system to which sizes of pop we can buy. I call on Slotkin and Stevens to return the nearly $5 million in donations they received from Michael Bloomberg and show the people of Michigan they have not been 'bought'.”