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In the very early hours of this morning, Senator Stabenow chose to put her party over her state and voted to shut down the federal government. This is unacceptable.

More than 82,000 Michigan children lost their healthcare when Senator Debbie Stabenow refused to support a compromise spending bill which would have kept the federal government open. In addition to keeping the government operating, the bill included a six-year extension to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which provides healthcare for children whose families make less than double the federal poverty level.

The procedural vote on the bill received a majority in the U.S. Senate, but Democrats, including Senator Stabenow, chose party politics and obstruction over people and the bill did not reach the 60 votes needed to go to a final vote.

Call Senator Stabenow at (202) 224-4822 (DC Office), or (517) 203-1760 (Lansing) and demand that she puts Michigan first, and that the federal government gets back to work.