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Cox Calls for Hoadley Appropriations Removal

On Thursday, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox called on Representative Jon Hoadley to be removed from his position as Vice-Chair of the State House Appropriations Committee. The action comes after troubling blog posts surfaced last week in which Hoadley spoke about hardcore drug usage, disparaging women and children, and called his past sexual partners "victims".

"Jon Hoadley's blog posts are incredibly disturbing. A person who holds women, children, and the laws of Michigan in such contempt should have no place in deciding how the state of Michigan spends its money," said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. "Jon Hoadley might think it's funny to blog about assault, but as a former Chairman of the House Apportions committee and an author of abuse legislation, I cannot stand back and watch the people of our state become his next 'victims'. I call on Representative Hoadley to be removed from his post as a committee Vice Chairman immediately."

Cox previously served as the first female Chairman of the House Apportions Committee during her time in the state legislature and has been a lifelong advocate for women, children, and victims of abuse having drafted legislation which allowed past crime testimony to be used in sexual assault cases.