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Cox Calls for Release of State Emails

Calls Contract Tracing Important, Doesn’t Know if it’s Happening

Today, during her daily press conference, Governor Whitmer dodged a question about who hired two Democrat political firms to do important COVID-19 contact tracing calls. Whitmer’s shocking dodge, along with the revelation that the governor is unsure as to whether any of these vital calls have taken place 43 days into Michigan’s COVID-19 crisis, led Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox to call for the release of all state emails regarding the contact trace program.

“Governor Whitmer cannot simply plead ignorance when a program of such vital importance to the health of Michigan citizens has been botched so badly,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The people of Michigan have a right to know how the governor and her staff are handling this crisis. If the governor won’t answer these questions for us, maybe her administration's emails will. Today, I am calling for the Whitmer administration to release all internal emails regarding the COVID-19 contact tracing program so that the people of Michigan can learn the truth.”