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Cox on Dategate: Fire Wiley and Friedrichs for Misconduct

LANSING, Mich., November 13, 2019 – On Wednesday, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox called on Mayor Mike Duggan to fire members of his administration embroiled in the "Dategate" including Ryan Friedrichs, the husband of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Chief of Staff Alexis Wiley. Cox’s call for dismissals comes after The Detroit News reported on Tuesday that five of Duggan's aides were at the center of a search warrant executed on Friday by the Michigan Attorney General’s office. The warrant sought any and all electronic records associated with the Dategate scandal - records which Wiley and Friedrichs illegally ordered their staff to delete.

“The deeper we get into this investigation of the 'Dategate' scandal, the clearer it becomes that Alexis Wiley and Ryan Friedrichs should be fired for misconduct and their lack of transparency,” said Laura Cox, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued, “It’s time that someone be held accountable for this troubling use of taxpayer resources and the massive cover-up that followed.”

Last month, the Detroit Inspector General found that Friedrichs and other members of Duggan’s staff abused their offices when they ordered employees to delete public emails involving the scandal. However, instead of holding the staffers accountable, the mayor’s office assigned the staffers additional training. The matter is currently being further investigated by the Public Integrity Unit of the Attorney General's Office.