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Cox Renews Call on Whitmer To Release No-Bid Contract Correspondence

This afternoon, Governor Whitmer’s staff released email correspondence between staffers of the Michigan legislature and her office, signaling she is going use her executive power to extend the state of emergency declaration. A move that was clearly an attempt to spite good-faith negotiations with the legislature.

Since last week, the governor’s office has been mum on details regarding how K2K Consulting and Mike Kolehouse were chosen to execute a no-bid contract for COVID-19 contact tracing in Michigan. Whitmer faced backlash when it was revealed that K2K Consulting, and its principal, had deep ties to Democrat campaigns and progressive organizations.

“Since Whitmer’s office has the ability release emails of sensitive, ongoing negotiations with the legislature, I am renewing my call for Whitmer to release all correspondence regarding how she decided to hire a Democrat Party operative to oversee COVID-19 contact tracing,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Michiganders deserve answers on how and why the governor felt their taxpayer dollars were best spent on enriching her Democrat associates, and handing them the keys to our highly sensitive data. Whitmer and her staff need to knock off the political gamesmanship, and act like the executive office they are supposed to be.”