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Cox Statement On Unlocked Lansing Ballot Dropbox

LANSING, Mich., October 7, 2020 — The following statement is from Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox responding to Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s press release regarding the discovery of an unlocked ballot dropbox in Lansing.

"The video, filmed on September 25, and distributed today by the Michigan Republican Party, showed an unlocked ballot drop box.  The video was initially posted to Facebook by a concerned citizen on September 25. This date is after communities were authorized to send absentee ballots by the Secretary of State’s office and well after the local clerk stated that the boxes could be used to drop off absent voter/mail-in ballot applications. The video exposed an envelope in the unlocked drop box that could have possibly been a ballot based on the video's date of filming.  Upon further review, it appears that the envelope in the unlocked box may not have been an absentee ballot. Lansing election officials told voters as early as September 18 that dropboxes were available to accept AV ballots, absentee voting applications, and voter registration forms.  Lansing voters were given the impression that dropboxes were a secure place where their documents would be safeguarded.  The video released shows that the box was, in fact, unlocked. 

We are hearing from a number of clerks around the state that they were given dropboxes that are not suited to protect the integrity of the ballot. Clerks are concerned that there is an unsecure opening that jeopardizes the security of the contents of the dropbox.  This needs to be investigated. 

It’s amazing that when the Michigan Republican Party shares multiple videos demonstrating that a ballot box in Lansing has issues with its locking mechanism and calling for the Secretary of State to investigate, we find ourselves the subject of an investigation request. Clearly Jocelyn Benson is more concerned with playing partisan games than she is about election integrity."