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Cox: Whitmer Owes Dr. Arsiwala an Apology

Whitmer must use all tools in the toolbox to stop COVID-19

oday, on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, Governor Gretchen Whitmer publicly disputed the medical advice Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala offered to save the life of Detroit State Representative Karen Whitsett as she battled the coronavirus. Arsiwala used hydroxychloroquine, a medicine which Governor Whitmer has been criticized for temporarily banning.

In addition to serving as a medical professional, Dr. Arsiwala is the President of the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS). MSMS is the foremost advocacy organization which “supports physicians to improve patient care and health care outcomes, reduce burnout, and administrative burdens,” More on Dr. Arsiwala’s biography can be found here.

Whitmer stated, “I know this State Rep credits hydroxychloroquine for her success with COVID-19 but I also know the medical professionals are saying that’s not the case we should not make that assumption.

"Gretchen Whitmer would rather use medical advice to fit her political narrative, than trust a proven treatment being pioneered by one of Michigan’s foremost medical professionals,” said Laura Cox, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Cox continued, “Whitmer needs to put politics aside and use every tool in the tool box to save lives, including the tools Dr. Arsiwala utilized to save Karen Whitsett’s life. Whitmer owes Dr. Arsiwala an apology, and she needs to knock off the politics and start acting in the best interests of Michiganders.”