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Cox: Whitmer Owes State Police an Apology

On Tuesday, in an Instagram interview with The Root reporter, Terrell Starr, Governor Gretchen Whitmer agreed with the idea that if armed black protestors were to demonstrate at the Michigan Capitol, they would be killed by law enforcement. Despite the derogatory comments, just two weeks prior – BLARE (Blacks and Latinos Against Racist Empowerment), held a peaceful demonstration at the Capitol exercising their First and Second Amendment rights.

Whitmer’s inflammatory comments were not only derogatory to those demonstrating at the Capitol, but were heightened due to her support for the “spirit” of the “defund the police” movement. These statements come even though the Governor has a law enforcement detail that protects her at both the Capitol and at her residence.

“Governor Whitmer’s comments are not only insensitive to so many, but they are completely out of touch to the police protection that keeps her safe day in and day out,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Gretchen Whitmer owes an apology to the hardworking men and women who protect her and our state’s elected leaders. I hope that, moving forward, Governor Whitmer is more mindful of her comments so that we can all work together as a society to fix the difficult issues at hand.”