Democrat Hypocrisy at the "Endorsement Convention"

Democrat Hypocrisy at the "Endorsement Convention"

From candidates to constituents, the Michigan Democrat Endorsement Convention this past weekend was full of "Liberal Logic."
Below are just a few of our favorite moments. If this convention taught us anything, it's that we can't afford to take a Michigan left in November! Donate today and join our fight to keep Michigan red!


- Whitmer On Special Interests -

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer should probably steer away from statements concerning loyalty to special interest groups. The irony of her message is that she said in it a speech to the Labor Caucus — a group to which she is very much beholden.

We understand why she wants to mask her establishment Democrat roots, she’s just not doing a very good job of it.


- Hypocrisy On Voter I.D. -

At their most recent endorsement convention, the Michigan Democratic Party required each participant to show ID to get their credentials.

It begs the question: Why don’t they have the same standard of security for every Michigander at the ballot box?


- Friendly Fire Obstruction -


United they stand? From Congress to the streets, “obstruction” is a platform all Democrats believe in – even if it means blocking fellow party members. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Abdul El Sayed must really be out of genuine ideas if his plan is to simply obstruct his opponents – literally.


- A Questionable Ad -


We can’t get over this ad. Under Mark Brewer’s leadership from 1995 - 2013, the Michigan Democrat party ran shady bingo operations that resulted in a $500,000 FEC fine - the largest fine ever levied against a state political party.

You may want to think again before you take legal advice - or probably any advice - from Mark Brewer.


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