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Democrats Put Liberal Wishlist Ahead of the American People

Today, the U.S. House is set to vote on another round of “coronavirus” aid bills that have been stuffed with Nancy Pelosi’s liberal wish list. Rolled into the “aid”, are provisions that would increase funding for the US Postal Service, Planned Parenthood, vote by mail, and funds for cannabis companies.

The 3 trillion-dollar package was created by the Democrat caucus without the bill going through a single congressional committee or negotiating with the GOP. President Trump and Senate Republicans have already announced opposition to the “HEROES Act” which the press has dubbed a “messaging bill”. Centrist Democrats in Pelosi’s own caucus have even begun to vote against the flawed legislation.

On Wednesday, Governor Whitmer praised Speaker Pelosi for the bill despite members of both parties speaking out in opposition to the package.

“This monstrosity is a complete waste of everyone’s time and was clearly not done in good faith to help the American people.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “This is nothing more than political ploy Democrats have created to try and hurt Republicans. Shame on any Democrat who signs their name to this.”