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Democrats Sink to New Low in SCOTUS Hearing

Senate Democrats asked inappropriate and demeaning questions at yesterday’s hearings, attempting to distract from Judge Barrett’s immense qualifications


LANSING, Mich., October 14, 2020 — Democrats have spent the days leading up to the SCOTUS hearings unsuccessfully trying to discredit Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and those desperate efforts were on full display in yesterday’s hearings.


Senator Corey Booker condescendingly asked Judge Barrett, a mother of two black children, if she condemned white supremacy, to which she of course answered yes. In the same hearing, Senator Mazie Hirono demeaningly asked Judge Barrett if she had sexually assaulted anyone, to which she answered unequivocally, no.


“The insulting questions that the Senate Democrats asked Judge Barrett shows how little respect they have not just for Judge Barrett, but the confirmation process as a whole.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Judge Barrett has shown her immense qualifications and her patience during these hearings, and there is no doubt that she should sit on the Supreme Court of the United States.”