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Detroit Election Trainer Jokes GOP Challengers Should Bring Binoculars

Nessel Tries to Block Audio Proving Detroit Tried To Inhibit GOP Challengers


LANSING, Mich., November 10, 2020 – As evidence of unfair election practices in Detroit continues to pile up, Attorney General Dana Nessel is now attempting to block the release of audio that reveals Detroit workers being instructed to prevent Republican challengers from meaningfully participating in observing the vote counting process by being able to witness signatures, identification, and absentee envelopes during the election.


In recently released audio of a training session for Detroit election workers, the person in charge of the training tells future poll workers to keep Republican poll challengers 6 feet from their tables where they cannot see any of the ballots. The trainer then joked that hopefully Republican challengers “got really good vision” or “brought their binoculars”. The trainer also eludes that if tables are set up so that 6 feet isn’t left behind the table, challengers will be unable to go behind the table.


These instructions are in direct conflict with guidance put out by the Secretary of State’s office, in regards to social distancing at polling places, which states “Challengers may stand in closer proximately to election workers to have a challenge heard, observe the poll book, or perform other tasks established under law provided that these close personal interactions are as brief as reasonably possible. Once a challenge, observation, or other permitted task is complete, challengers and poll watchers should resume remaining six (6) feet away from voters and pollworkers.”


Attorney General Dana Nessel responded to the video’s release by sending a cease and desist to the publisher of the video.


“Instead of investigating these unlawful practices by Detroit election workers, Dana Nessel is trying to cover up this story which proves there was an attempt to keep Republican poll challengers from doing their legal duty on Election Day.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Throughout this process, we have been met with nothing but obstruction by Nessel and Benson, as we reveal further evidence of election irregularities in Michigan. I am calling on them both to put aside their partisanship and investigate these claims so that we can restore some sense of integrity in our elections.”