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Detroit News Confirms: Gary Peters Refuses To Use Obamacare For HIS Family

Peters is living in a different world than John James after building a government-subsidized lifestyle of multiple paychecks, exclusive health insurance and travel. He doesn’t even show up for work!

U.S. Senator Gary Peters never before voluntarily told voters that he refuses to use an Obamacare insurance plan for his own family, even as he tries to make the ACA a key part of his reelection campaign.

But today’s Detroit News confirms that Peters instead uses an exclusive State of Michigan health insurance plan that Michigan residents can’t get:

“James criticized Peters, a former state lawmaker and lottery commissioner, for having "a gold-plated" health care plan from his time as a state officeholder while regular people's health care costs have increased. A financial disclosure for 2018 showed Peters was participating in the "Michigan Legislative Retirement Health Program.”

Peters does not show up for work, but he has carefully crafted a government-subsidized Peters Relief Plan that includes:

  • Collecting a $174,000 U.S. Senate paycheck.
  • Banking a $50,000/year state pension.
  • Using a gold-plated, subsidized state-provided healthcare plan that allows him to avoid ACA exchange plans Michigan families use.
  • Taking free, government-funded travel to exotic locations around the globe.
  • Skipping most meetings of three key economic committees in Congress and now Michigan job creators are suffering.

“John James not only understands the pressures of providing health care to Michigan workers but he uses the same health insurance his employees do,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Meanwhile, Gary Peters bases his campaign on the ACA but his family won’t even use it. Peters pumps out the election year press releases but the cold truth is that he is focused on providing for himself.”