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Did Double-Dipping Gary Peters Also Take Two Healthcare Plans? He Refused To Answer Media Questions, So Who Knows

The Invisible Senator is hiding in plain sight after refusing to answer media questions yet continuing to campaign around the state


LANSING, Mich., October 31, 2020 – Gary Peters is a U.S. Senator— for now— but he is also a master politician who knows how to work the system to his personal benefit. Also like a career politician, he’s refusing to talk to the media about questions regarding a possible double dip on taxpayer-funded healthcare insurance.


Why would he do that? Because he does not want to discuss how he has worked the system to benefit himself on healthcare, even as his constitutions are crushed by the huge costs of the ACA.


Peters is already double-dipping on government paychecks, collecting a Senate paycheck and State of Michigan legislative “retirement” check each month.


Now, The Detroit News is reporting that Peters is hiding from reporters wanting answers about Peters’ personal healthcare insurance situation, saying that “Peters has declined interview requests to talk further about his own health care plan.”


Peters originally told The Detroit News in 2013 that he used a healthcare plan obtained from an ACA exchange.


But, in December of that year, Peters filed amendments to his U.S. Senate financial disclosure statements stating that he had actually been taking the exclusive state legislative retirement health insurance for years, instead. 


This week, Peters’ campaign apparently provided an undisclosed document to The Detroit News claiming he was registered for an ACA exchange plan in 2013, raising the question:


  • Was Peters signed up for two different healthcare plans at that time—the State of Michigan legislative retirement plan and an ACA exchange plan through Congress?


Because Peters refused to answer questions, nobody knows the answer to that. 


But, we do know two things:


  1. Gary Peters has been using superior health insurance funded by his constituents, the kind of insurance they cannot access. 


  1. Gary Peters doesn’t want voters to know. So, when faced with questions, he refused to answer questions instead of explaining himself.


You can find Michigan’s Invisible Senator hiding in plain sight at a campaign event near you this weekend!