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Does Peters Support Biden’s Outbursts?

As blue-collar workers are set to, once again, be one of Michigan’s most vital electorates in this November’s Presidential election – they also have become the latest target of former Vice President Joe Biden’s public aggressions.

Before winning yesterday’s Democrat Presidential Primary in Michigan, Joe Biden told a Detroit worker he was “full of s***” and going as far as to say he would “slap him in the face.”

This morning, in an interview with Fox & Friends, the worker who found himself at the receiving end of Biden’s subversive threats called the behavior “disturbing”, saying that “he kind of just went off the deep end.”

Despite Michigan becoming the center of the political universe yesterday, the state’s junior senator has been silent on the topic – leaving many to wonder where he stands on Biden’s public outbursts with supporters.

Yet, Gary Peters failure to stand up to party leadership is nothing new. Just this week, Peters opted to stall subpoenas of the Ukrainian oil and gas firm, Burisma, that has been connected to the former Vice President and his son, Hunter Biden.

“As to be expected, Senator Gary Peters is no different than the ranks of the status-quo Democrat leadership he seeks to protect.” said Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair, Terry Bowman. Bowman continued, “As a 24-year UAW-Ford autoworker, I can tell you firsthand how fed up American workers are with the Democrats. They use us for our votes and forget us until their elections roll around again. Peters continues to take our Michigan workers for granted, and his decision to stay silent on Biden’s behavior is the end of his political lifeline this November.”