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Embattled Senator Peters Facing Claims of Illegal Coordination

Watchdog alleges Michigan Democrat, his campaign, and liberal special interest group illegally coordinated to benefit reelection. 

LANSING, Mich., December 9, 2019 – On Friday morning, the Washington Times reported that the Foundation for Accountability (FACT) and Civic Trust filed a Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint against Senator Gary Peters alleging that the Michigan Democrat violated Federal Election law. In the complaint, Kendra Arnold (FACT executive director) alleges that “through postings on a designated webpage, Peters instructs organizations with which he is not permitted to coordinate to run advertisements beneficial to his campaign,”. Arnold goes on to say, “This is not general candidate or campaign information and not in the usual format as that provided to the general public. Rather, Peters provides detailed content for ads and markets in which to run the ads based upon the campaign’s internal data and advertising needs, and provides them in a format designated to directly communicate with outside organizations.”

Since the post was placed on the Peters website, VoteVets, a progressive special interest group has placed two TV buys for Peters, benefitting him with over a million dollars of illegal in-kind contributions. Neither Peters nor his campaign has yet to speak out on the subject. He currently remains the least known senator in the entire United States.

"Gary Peters knows that he is in for the fight of his life, and apparently he has reverted to cheating to try and save his job" said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “Due to his failed leadership, over half of the people of Michigan don’t know who Gary Peter is or have no opinion of him and he trails his Republican opponent in the polls and in fundraising. Enjoy your last year in the Senate, Gary.”