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Flint’s Incompetence During Primary Raises Concerns for November

City of Flint called out by Genesee County for gross incompetence when counting absentee ballots during the August Primary, raising concerns for November


LANSING, Mich., September 22, 2020 — As the General Election in November rapidly approaches, alarming allegations call the absentee voting processes in the City of Flint into question.


In a scathing letter sent to the City of Flint Clerk Inez Brown, Genesee County Elections Inspector Doreen Fulcher highlighted the gross incompetence by the city when handling absentee ballots during the August primary, stating that “clearly a total failure of that responsibility occurred.” The concerns highlighted include a failure to sort absentee envelopes before Election Day, failure to deliver results until the afternoon after the election, failure to properly balance precincts, and invalidating ballots for a recount due to improper certification and storage.


“The negligence shown in Flint is yet another example of how unprepared Jocelyn Benson has left these communities to handle the influx of absentee ballots this November.” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. Cox continued, “Whether it be Flint or Detroit, Secretary Benson must release a comprehensive plan on how she will prevent these failures from spreading across Michigan in November.”


Fulcher ended her letter raising concerns about Flint’s ability to handle votes in the November General Election, stating “I sincerely hope that major steps will be taken to assure that such failures do not occur in the quickly approaching November 2020 General Election”.