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FRIDAY FLASHBACK: Gary Peters and Disgraced Dennis Williams Plotted Together To Stop Gretchen Whitmer From Becoming Governor

LANSING, Mich., October 2, 2020 —Gary Peters refuses to speak about criminal UAW embezzler Dennis Williams now, but in 2018 Peters and Williams plotted together to take the Democrat nomination for governor away from Gretchen Whitmer.

Bridge Michigan detailed their effort in a January 2018 expose, “Detroit Dems seek alternative to Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan governor race”.

Peters could have just said no to the idea, but apparently the thought of knocking off Whitmer was irresistible to him.

So, Peters and Williams, the former UAW president who pleaded guilty to embezzling funds from UAW workers this week, met in secret to decide how to best go about beating Whitmer so she could not become the Democrat nominee for governor.

As Bridge described, “In a January (2018) meeting described by one observer as a “full court press,” Duggan, United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams, other union leaders, and powerful Detroit pastor the Rev. Wendell Anthony tried to persuade Peters to enter the campaign.”

The insiders who talked about the meeting to Bridge noted that Williams and his friends were “promising substantial help with fundraising,” as well.

Later asked about the secret meeting with Gary Peters to plot against Whitmer, Dennis Williams said, “It was a great meeting.”

Perhaps after considering the damage such a run would do to his two-paycheck career in the Senate, Peters decided not to run for governor.

However, it is important to remember the times Williams and Peters worked closely together to advance Peters’ career.

Because if Gary Peters had his way, we’d never know how close he and Williams were.

Why? Peters acts as if it never happened.

UAW members are still waiting for Peters to criticize Williams’ record of embezzlement and give back any tainted funds and benefits Peters received while hanging out with the formerly high-flying Williams, who, according to prosecutors, enjoyed graft-funded booze, cigars, golf and vacations.