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Gary Peters and Senate Democrats Ride Away From Extension of Unemployment Checks

Peters says the situation is urgent but joined Senate Democrats in quitting negotiations as unemployment benefit expires

In another partisan political move, Gary Peters got on his motorcycle and rode away from Capitol Hill Thursday, blocking a short-term extension of jobless aid for Michigan families while negotiations continue on the next COVID relief package.

Now, the $600 weekly boost in unemployment benefits that has aided so many struggling Americans has ended after Peters and fellow Democrats walked out of negotiations and failed to act. Republicans offered four different options to ensure the benefits would not lapse, but Peters and Democrats walked away.

Peters said last Thursday, that Senators must get to work in Washington finding a solution. “We have to get together and get a package together as soon as possible. We have people in Michigan who are losing their benefits.”

Yet Peters didn’t show up for work in Washington Friday to find a solution.

Instead, he was back in Michigan doing campaign photo ops while riding a motorcycle around Oakland County.

Not showing up for work is a habit for Peters. Not only did Peters and the Senate Democrats walk away from negotiations to extend the $600 benefit, Peters skipped Small Business Committee hearings 84% of the time and China accountability hearings 89% of the time.

“Gary Peters got on his motorcycle and rode off into the sunset as unemployment benefits hung in the balance,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “Yet again, instead of fighting for his constituents who are desperately struggling, Peters has decided to put party politics ahead of his state. John James is a political outsider and job creator who will not play the petty political games in Washington and that is why we need him in the U.S. Senate.”