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Gary Peters And The Michigan Democrat Party Are All In for Medicare For All

The MDP endorsed single payer health care on Saturday, after Peters previously told party activists America must move to MFA


LANSING, Mich., September 2, 2020 – Gary Peters’ Michigan Democrat Party made it official: Medicare For All will be the law of the land if Peters gets back to the U.S. Senate.


During the Michigan Democrats’ convention on Saturday, Peters’ party voted in support of the “immediate implementation of single-payer health care.”  


That means Americans would face a government run health system, the elimination of private health insurance and, of course, higher taxes.


Gary Peters is in lockstep with his party on shifting America to Medicare For All. 


Peters was caught on video in a 2018 meeting telling members of the Michigan Democrat Party who supported MFA that, “Sir, I agree, and we have to go where you’re going. I agree.”


  • “I don't disagree at all that the path forward is where you're going to have ‘Medicare for All’ down the road. That's probably where we're gonna go.”
    • (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)


  • “Well, sir, I agree. And, we have to go to where you're going.”
    • (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)


  • “I’m not disagreeing with you. I'm not disagreeing with you at all, it’s that we have to get a path to get to that place”
    • (Gary Peters Town Hall, 6/01/18)


“The bottom line is that Gary Peters and the Michigan Democrats want to cancel your private health insurance and replace it with Medicare For All, of that there is no doubt,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox. “Gary’s party is now officially for it and Gary himself has been caught on tape saying MFA is the way to go. The evidence is in. If Gary Peters and the Democrats win in November, your health coverage is going down and your taxes are going up.”