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Gary Peters Failure to Hold China Accountable

While China was stealing Michigan’s jobs, Peters broke his promise to “Hold China Accountable” 

Despite Gary Peters’ claims that he’s “always been tough on the Chinese government,” Michigan’s junior senator gave the Chinese Communist Party a free pass when he failed to show up to the Congressional Executive Commission on China.

While China was stealing Michigan jobs, Gary Peters didn’t show up to stop them:

  • Peters attended China accountability meetings only 11% of the time.
  • And, when the Small Business Committee met to strengthen our jobs in the face of the economic competition with China, Peters showed up only 16% of the time.

Peters was ‘Honored to serve’— unless it means showing up to work

When he was appointed to the Congressional Executive Commission on China in 2015, Peters promised Michigan workers he would hold China accountable for its economic misdeeds. 

  • “I am honored to serve on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, where I will work to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices and currency manipulation, so that American companies and American workers can compete on a level playing field,” said Senator Peters.

But he showed up only 11% of the time, skipping 16 of 18 meetings.

Peters also skipped the Congressional Small Business Committee 43 times, including skipping hearings the entire year in 2012.

Why is Gary Peters hardly working to stop China and protect Michigan jobs?

“While Michiganders continue to suffer the consequences of China’s predatory practices – Gary Peters has made big bucks, despite failing to hold the country accountable.” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. “The lack of leadership Michigan has in the U.S. Senate is hurting our small businesses and families. I’m looking forward to sending John James to Washington D.C. so he can fix the years of broken promises Peters has made to hold China accountable.”