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Gary Peters: Six Years in the Senate, Six Years Failing to Enact National Criminal Justice Reform

Career politician Gary Peters produces no results for us, but continues to profit from us

U.S. Senator Gary Peters, who has failed to deliver for Michigan despite a nearly 30-year career on the taxpayer dime, is once again trotting out his failed National Criminal Justice Commission proposal despite the fact he has never been able to achieve results.

Peters has been in office since 1995 and is collecting a $50,000-per-year state pension, at the same time he is paid $174,000 for his federal position. Even though he’s padded his pockets, he’s otherwise failed to make this commission a reality during his six years in the U.S. Senate.

But that is not stopping him from attempting to take advantage of the current crisis gripping America by claiming he did something about criminal justice reform. (Peters introduces bill to create commission to overhaul criminal justice system, WNEM, 6/4/20)

Instead of achieving actual results, Peters simply hit copy-and-paste in reintroducing the same failed National Criminal Justice Commission bill in 20152017 and 2019.

“Gary Peters is a 30-year politician who is only skilled in the tricks of the trade. Proposing study commissions that go nowhere and issuing press releases about it when it benefits him has left Michigan empty-handed, even as Peters profits from multiple government paychecks each month,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox.

“Michigan doesn't need six more years of press releases and commissions. We need leaders who get results, like John James. When it comes to criminal justice reform, Gary Peters is a costly failure Michigan families can no longer afford,” said Laura Cox.